Additional Charges and Deductions on Sale Invoices

Sometimes, a business may have to add additional charges but those are not part of the main sale of product or services.
Fast Accounts has improved the process to add additional charges e.g. shipping, labour, fitting etc.
Fast Accounts has also added additional deduction boxes for sale invoices.

1. Update a Nominal Account for Deductions and Charges

  1. Go to the Settings Menu
  2. Select Chart of Accounts
  3. Edit the Nominal Account to link with Deduction and Charge
  4. Tick the check box for Deduction and Charge

2. Adding Charge and Deduction boxes to the Sales Invoices

  1. Go to the Settings Menu
  2. Select Smart Settings
  3. Select number of Boxes required on the Sale Invoices and Save & Close

Once set up, the deduction and charge will appear on the Sale Invoices, Sales Credits and Sales Orders templates.

3. Charge and Deduction on Sale Invoices

On the Sale Invoice Form, the Charge and Deduction will appear before the Net Amount, you can select the relevant Nominal Account and add the amount as appropriate.

Please call Fast Accounts Team on 042-111-008-339 for further support.