Analytical Reports

We are proud to announce the addition of our highly anticipated “Analytical Reports” module. Access 33 analytical reports designed to enable you to gain deeper insights into the trends your business is experiencing. Enjoy the ability to tailor your data inputs for specific analysis into trends for sales, recoveries, expenditures, etc. and take your understanding of the climate your business faces to the next level.

There are three different types of reports:

  • Single data input, of your choice, provides data for each month with totals for each year.
  • Double data input, creates reports that allow 2 different data selections of your choice to be compared side-by-side for each month.
  • View two different types of data selection for each month in a single table as opposed to creating two separate reports. For example, sales data and recovery data for each month in one report, for easy access to comparable data.

As standard, all admin users have a sample report “Bills Data”, available to analyse the purchase data of your business.

This premium module is available upon subscription. For further details on how to gain access to our constantly expanding ‘Analytical Reports’ module, please contact our support team to upgrade.