Assembly Module

This module is relevant for the businesses, where assembly or manufacturing process is involved, this allows to manage finished goods and also keep track of their production cost. Job costing is so easy with this module, simply start a job, allocate raw material and costs, finish and approve, we will manage the rest.

1. How to Add an Assembly Job

  1. Go to Assembly
  2. Select Jobs
  3. Press Add New

This will open Add Job screen

2. Add Job Form

This form has 4 sections,

Section 1: Details

Select the Finished Product from the dropdown

Enter the quantity to produce.

Batch Number and Expiry date are optional.

In case you have saved a template, simply select the template and it will load the relevant information in the Job Form.

Section 2: Raw Material

This section has raw material items, which have been set up as Stock Item in the Products.

Choose the product from dropdown list and add per unit quantity required.

System will calculate the total quantity required. Also manage the cost from the inventory when job is finished.

Section 3: Non Stock

Any non-stock raw material costs will be charged in this section,

Choose the non-stock product from the drop down list

Add the quantity per unit of Finished Product

Add cost per unit of non-stock product to charge this job.

Section 4: Expenses

In this section add any direct expenses or costs related to this job.

Select Expense Account from the dropdown list.

Add the charge per unit in Rate.

System will calculate total cost.

There is option to record any notes relating to job.

At the end Press Save & Close.

3. Jobs Listing

Once Job is saved, it will be added in the Jobs listing.

The Jobs have 3 different status.

  1. In Progress : When job is added it will have status of In progress
  2. Finished: when job is closed this will status of Finished
  3. Pending: A job which was finished by user but later raw material has been removed from the inventory will be marked as pending. User must finish the job again to add in inventory.

4. Material Pass

This gives details of material required to complete the job. From the Action Menu, Select Material Pass

5. Finish Job

To Finish a Job simply click Finish in the Action Menu, this will open the Approve Job screen, if the required Raw Material is available in the inventory, it will allow to Approve & Close

6. Job Cost Sheet

Once a job is finished, Select Job Cost Sheet from the Action Menu to check the job cost analysis along with per unit cost.

You can control the access to Job Cost Sheet from User Management.

7. Finished Goods Note (FG Note)

Once a job is finished, Finished Goods Note is available to print from the Action Menu. There is cost information on FG Note.

8. Shortfall Material Note

In case there is not enough Raw Material in the stock, User will not be able to Approve & Finish the Job. It will have Shortfall Material Note button available at the bottom of Approve Job screen.

Once you click on the Shortfall Material Note, it will show you the detail of shortfall raw material.

9. Edit Jobs

A job can be edited if it’s status is either In Progress or Pending, simply select Edit from the Action Menu.

10. Templates

In case, a job is to be repeated again and again, it is useful to set up as template. It is simple,

  1. Go to Assemble
  2. Select Template
  3. Press Add New

The Add Template is same as Add Jobs. User can save more than one template for the same product. It can also be edited or deleted at any time.

Once a template is Saved, you can use this to start a job.

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