Auto Lock Date Further Update is first choice Accounting Software for the businesses in Pakistan.

We have further enhanced the feature of Lock Date.

The Lock Date give you control on the data modification. Once you have locked a DATE, the data prior to the Lock Date cannot be edited or deleted.

Now you can set the Lock Date on User basis i.e. each user can have a separate Lock Date.

Also you can set up Auto Lock Date for the users.

1. How to set up Lock Date

The process is very simple, to Setup Fixed Lock Date, Select the user from the dropdown list, enter the Fixed Lock Date and press Lock button.

In case you want to Setup Auto Lock Date, e.g. previous day to lock once date is changed, simply Select User, add 1 in Unlock Days and Press Lock.

Unlock process is simple, select the user you want to Unlock from the list, press Unlock and its done.

History is also available for view, simply select the Lock Date History from the top.

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