Bundle Product

We have now updated the Product Module to allow adding a Bundle Product. It is very helpful, if you have to select several items on the sale invoice which are sold as a combination, you can create a bundle and when you select the bundle all products will appear on the sale invoice.

1. How to Create a Bundle

Creating a Bundle is very easy,

Go To Inventory -> Products -> Add New-> Bundle This will open Add Bundle Product Form.

Select the Products for the Bundle and also specify the quantity for each product in the Bundle. Choose the Rate and Discount for the products in the Bundle. For the Distribution setup, you can also enter Retail Margin and Trade Offer for each product at the Bundle level.

The Bundle can be mix of stock products and non stock products.

Once ready press Save and Close.

2. Bundle Printing

When setting up a Bundle, you can choose if you want a single line for the total of the bundle to be printed in the Sales Invoice or each product in the bundle to be printed separately.

This option is available for each bundle. In addition, you can alter this at any time.

3. User Rights and Bundle

There is an option in User Form, which will allow Admin to restrict User Right for the change of quantity on the individual products within a Bundle, however, the User will be able to change the quantity in the Bundle row which will be reflected on all the products in that bundle.

4. Sale Invoice

On the Sale Invoice, you can select the Bundle from the Product List, this will provide the list of all product and simply add the Bundle Quantity and it will update all products details accordingly.

5. Manage Offers and Promotions with Bundle

Bundle feature in the FastAccounts.pk is very flexible. It allows to manage Promotions and Offers.

In this example the promotion is that on buying 5 Packs of Oil, 1 KG tea is free. The 1 KG Tea has been added with zero rate in the Bundle.

Simply record the sale of Bundle and Fast Accounts will manage the inventory of all products within the Bundle.

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