Email Sale Invoices is the leading accounting software in Pakistan. Great News, now you can send sale invoices via email to your customers directly from FastAccounts.

There are several benefits of emailing the Sales Invoices.

  1. Save Printing Cost
  2. Save Time
  3. Faster Recovery
  4. Customer can save invoice with easee
  5. Help environment

1. Email Sale Invoice

There are two different ways to send an invoice via email. When adding a sale invoice select “Save & Email” or after saving select Send Email from Action Menu.

The pop-up window will open, the customer email address is already added. In case you have not previously recorded the customer email address, you can add it directly on this screen to send the email. The Sale invoice will be added as an attachment to the email. You can also customise the message to the customer.

There is also an option to email Sales Order and Purchase Orders.

2. Email Templates

From the Settings Menu, go to Email Settings, set up the template message to send Sale Invoice, Sale Credit, Sale Orders / Quotations and Purchase Orders.

Customise the message with keywords.

3. Emails Credits

As a promotional offer! each Account will be credited with 1000 emails every month until the end of December 2021.

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