Inventory Management with Batch Number

In this feature you can buy and sell products with Batch Number. This will allow to record the Batch Number at the time of purchase of inventory and when you sell the products, simply select the batch number from available inventory.

This feature is ideal for Pharmaceutical distributors, laptop and mobile phone sellers.

How to record the purchase of products with Batch Number

  1. Go to Expenses
  2. Select Supplier Bills
  3. Select Add New
  4. Choose Supplier Bill

This will open Add New Supplier Bill screen,

On Add Supplier Bill, select Supplier and enter other details.

In the Products Details, select the products from the dropdown list.

In the Batch column, enter the batch number of the product, this can be IEMI number or Serial Number or Service Tag etc. At the end, press Save and Close

Each Batch Number to be recorded in a separate row. If you have item which does not have batch number or it is a non-stock product, simply add 0 in the batch number. You can also record more than one quantity against Batch Number.

How to Sell Products with Batch Number

  1. Go to Sales
  2. Select Invoices
  3. On the screen Select Add New
  4. Choose Sale Invoice

This will open Add New Sale Invoice screen

Select Customer as per usual, then select the product, In Batch Column, all the Batch Number with inventory will appear, select the Batch Number and it’s all done. Press Save and Close

Please contact Fast Accounts Team to enable this premium feature.