Landed Cost

Landed Cost Module gives you opportunity to update the inventory cost of stock products with additional expenses e.g. Freight, Import Duty, Customs Duty, Delivery Charges, Shipping Cost etc.

The process of dealing with Landed Cost made simple with Fast Accounts.

Record your bills as normal, purchase of goods, additional costs etc. Once all the bills are added, you will be able to link the additional cost bills to the goods purchased bills.

1. How to Add Landed Cost

  1. Go to Inventory
  2. Select Landed Cost

This will open “Landed Cost” Listing page. To link landed cost to the products cost, Select “Add New”

2. Add Landed Cost

On the Add Landed Cost Page, there are two sections, 1) Expenses and 2) Products

Step 1 :Expenses

  1. First select the criteria as appropriate for the expenses cost
  2. Press “Load”
  3. This will add the additional cost from the relevant bills in this section,
  4. Now enter the Offset Amount. You have choice to offset entire amount or partial amount against the Products.You can also link cost from the same supplier bill with multiple Product Bills

  5. Step 2 : Products

  6. Add the Bill Number of the goods purchased bill
  7. Press “Load Transactions”
  8. It will load the products from the relevant bill.
  9. Select the “Allocation Method” as required, you have various option to allocate the Expenses Cost to the products
  10. The offset Amoutn from Expneses section will applied to Products as appropriate.
  11. Revised rate after Offset Amount will be updated automatically.
  12. Press Save and Close

3. Edit Landed Cost

You can edit a landed cost at any time, by selecting Edit from the Action Menu.

4. Print Landed Cost

In order to print the Landed cost detail for your record, simply select Print from the Action Menu. The print will provide all necessary details.

5. Supplier Bill

The option to print Revised Rate with supplier bill is also available, Go to Settings, Select Supplier Bill and check the Revised Rate box.

6. Product Performance Report

The cost of Sale in the product performance report will be updated as per the revised rate of the product.
In the same way the stock valuation reports will be updated as well.

Please contact Fast Accounts Team on 042-111-008-339 to enable this premium feature.