Multiple Units of Measurement

This feature provides an opportunity to set up multiple “Unit of Measurement” (UM) for the same product.

This also allows to define the sale price, cost and discount for each Unit of Measurement (UM).

An example of Multi UM includes a business Selling LED bulbs in three different packing.

  1. Piece – Base unit
  2. Boxes = 10 Pieces
  3. Carton = 100 Pieces

A customer can buy in any of these Units. The inventory management and sales with UM is so with Fast Accounts.

1. How to Add Landed Cost

Once the product has been added, you can add Multi-Units.

From the Action Menu select Add Multi-Unit. This will open Multi Unit Screen.

You will note that Base Unit is already appearing in the list, Select the additional UM Units and add the rest of the information as necessary. At the end press Save and Close.

You can add further Multi-Unit later on by selecting Add Multi-Units from Action Menu.

On this screen, there is option to Archive a UM-Unit which is no longer relevant and you can also make it active again at any time. This is in particularly useful for the promotional Unit of Measurement e.g. Box12 with 12 Pieces during offer period and after offer finished this can be archived.

It is important to note once a UM Unit has been used in any transaction it cannot be delete.

You can only link UM Unit with product which has a Base Unit linked to it.

There is also an option to add Multi Units data via Excel Spreadsheet.

2. Smart Settings

Sometime, a business only needs Multi-Units in the Sales Section, Admin will have full control to choose which section should have Multi Units enabled.

  1. Go to the Settings Menu
  2. Select the Smart Settings
  3. Simply uncheck the relevant UM options.

3. Customer Products

In the Customer Products the UM will be available to select, so you will be able to link price with Customers based on UM.

4. Sale

You will use the same sale invoice screen as before, in the unit box you will note the Multi UM appears. The sale price and other data is added as per the selected UM.

5. Supplier Bill

On the supplier bill in the product section once you selected the products, the UM will appear in the dropdown.

Record the data as necessary and press save and close.

6. Stock Transfer

In case you are transferring stock from one location to the other, simply select the relevant UM at the stock transfer and Fast Accounts will manage the rest.

Please contact Fast Accounts Team on 042-111-008-339 to enable this premium feature.