Non-Filer Tax Rate

In case, a business is required to operate, the different tax rate for Filer and Non-Filer on the products or services, now this process is made easy with Fast Accounts.

1. How to define a Non-Filer Tax Rate

  1. Go to the Settings Menu
  2. Select Taxes and Year-End
  3. Select Add New in Sale Tax Rates

In the New Rate, add the sales tax, in the Tax Rate enter the Sales Tax Rate + Additional Tax Rate and in the Additional Tax Rate Column only add Non Filer Additional Tax rate. In this example, Sale Tax Rate is 17% and the Additional Non-Filer Tax Rate is 3% therefore 20 will be added in Tax Rate and 3 in the Additional Tax Rate.

2. How to Setup a Non Filer Customer

On the Add New Customer, on the Terms Tab, there is a check box “Filer”, if this is unchecked, the customer will be regarded as Non-Filer for tax purposes.

The Filer Status can be changed on the Edit Customer screen.

3. How to Link Non-Filer Tax Rate to the Product

On the Add New Product Form, there are two tax rates, you can select a Non-Filer Tax Rate as appropriate. In case not relevant you can select the same Sales Tax Rate for both Filer and Non-Filer.

4. How to Add Sale Invoice for Non-Filer

When adding a new sale invoice simply, select the Customer and based on Customer’s Tax Status, the product Sale Tax Rate will be applied automatically.

Please call Fast Accounts Team on 042-111-008-339 for further support.