Product Additional Fields Update

Fast Accounts is currently the largest Online Accounting Software in Pakistan.

In our Latest Update, we have added Eight Additional Fields to the Product Form. These fields are flexible and allow you to record any information regarding the product.

Every time you record a transaction with products, the additional fields information will be linked to the transaction. Any subsequent change to the Product Form will only affect future transactions.

These fields are also available when printing

  1. Sales Invoices
  2. Sales Orders
  3. Goods Delivery Note
  4. Supplier bills
  5. Purchase Orders
  6. Goods Receipt Notes

1. How to access Additional Fields on the Product Form

The process is very simple, On the Product Form, at the bottom of the screen click Advance Options, this will expand the Product Form and you will find the Eight new fields where information can be recorded.

To print these fields with Sales Invoices or other printing, just go to the Settings section in the relevant Print and turn on these fields, you can also add a custom Label for these Fields.

Accounting made easy with FastAccounts.

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