Product Further Update Pack Size is cloud accounting software specifically developed for Pakistan.

We have further updated the Pack Size feature in the Product, it is useful when the product is sold in one Unit but stock is handled in two different units.

As an example in the tiles showroom, Tiles are sold in Square Meters (SQM), however, the quantity of the product is handled in Boxes and Tiles.

On the Product Form, you will find,

  1. Large Pack Size
  2. Small Pack Size

1. How the Pack Size works

In the above example, the large pack size is set as 1.08 as that is the number of SQMs in one Box and the Small Pack Size value is set 0.27 which is SQM of 1 Tile. It is important to note if the Small Pack Size is not relevant, its value should be 1.

2. How to Print Pack Size Information has multiple sales invoice templates. From the Settings menu, go to Sales Invoice and Check the Bundle and Pieces options. Add the labels as required to customise the Sale Invoice.

When you will print the Sale Invoice from FastAccounts, it will show Boxes and Tiles along with SQM.

The option to Print Pack Size information is also available in Sale Orders, Goods Delivery Note, Purchase Order, Supplier Bills and Goods Receipt Note.

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