Purchase Order Module Update 22 June 2021

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We are excited to announce that we have further updated the Purchase Order Module and the following features are now available;

  1. On-Screen Create Supplier Bills from Purchase Order (“PO”)
  2. On-Screen Multiple PO to a single Supplier Bill
  3. Track quantities Ordered and Billed.
  4. Close PO individual rows
  5. Extensive Reporting on the Purchase Orders

1. How to Create Supplier Bill from Purchase Order

There are four different ways to create a Supplier Bill from the Purchase Order

1: At the time of Adding a Purchase Order

When adding a Purchase Order and you have the rights to approve a PO, Select “Bill & Close” this will immediately create both Purchase Order and Supplier Bill.

2: From the Purchase Order Listing (On-Screen)

On the PO List, in the Status Column select the option Bill. This will open a Create Supplier Bill Screen with all the entries from the PO.

On Create Supplier Bill screen, make the necessary changes and press Save & Close. Please note if there is already a Bill linked with this PO, the quantity of the linked Bill will be deducted from the PO and Balance will be shown in the Create Supplier Bill

3: Batch Bills from Purchase Order Listing

On the Purchase Order listing, Select the Purchase Orders and from Batch select the action Bill(Full). This will create an individual bill for each purchase Order selected.

4: Multiple Purchase Orders to a single Supplier Bill

Now you can create a single Supplier Bill from multiple Purchase Orders issued to the same Supplier. Select the POs from the list and in the Batch Action select Bill, this will open Create Supplier Bill Form with the entries from all POs, in case, an item is fully billed or a row is closed that will not appear on the Create Supplier Bill Form.

2. How to Close Purchase Order Individual Rows

On the Edit Purchase Order Form, a check box is available in each row, simply click the Check Box and Save and Close, this will close the relevant row and it will not appear in bills or as a pending row.

3. Purchase Order Reports

We have added the following 12 New Reports to cover most aspects of the Purchase Orders module

  1. Purchase Orders By Date
  2. Purchase Orders By Suppliers
  3. Purchase Orders By Status
  4. Purchase Orders Detail by Date
  5. Purchase Orders Detail by Supplier
  6. Purchase Orders Summary by Products
  7. Purchase Orders Detail Closed
  8. Purchase Orders Detail Pending
  9. Purchase Orders Detail OverBilled
  10. Purchase Orders Summary By Supplier
  11. Rejected Purchase Orders
  12. Rejected Purchase Orders Detail

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