Purchase Order Module Update

We have updated the Purchase Order Module. Now there are 4 different types of status for each purchase order

  1. In Progress
  2. Approved
  3. Rejected
  4. Billed

This will help you to track purchase order more efficiently. When the status of a purchase order is changed to Billed, this action will automatically create a Supplier Bill. Also, now you can change the status of any Purchase Order at any time as required.

1. How to Update Status of Purchase Order

There are four different way to update the status of a purchase order.

A: At the time of Adding a Purchase Order

When you are adding a Purchase Order and you have rights to approve a PO, you can choose the “Approve & Close” or immediately create Supplier Bill with “Bill & Close”. In case the purchase order is just saved, it will have “In Progress” status.

B: At the time of Edit Purchase Order

This screen also provides authorised user access to directly Reject, Approve or Bill a purchase order.

C: PO Listing

An authorised user has the option in the PO List to simply change the status of single Purchase Order as required.

Simply From the Status Column select the relevant option as required.

D: Batch Update of Purchase Order status

On the Purchase Order listing, Select the Purchase Orders and from Batch Select the action. This will update the selected PO status with one click.

2. Partial Bill of Purchase Orders

Now you can create more than one supplier bill from the same PO, in case, a supplier has sent the bill for the partial purchase order, simply create the supplier bill and remove the rows not required.

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