SMS Feature

Frequent and excellent communication with customers and vendors are essential for the growth of any organisation.

Fast Accounts has achieved a new milestone, by providing an SMS feature. You can set customise SMS Messages on several transactions e.g. Sales invoice, Customer Balance Reminder, Supplier Payment etc.

Simply record your transaction and customers will receive the relevant SMS message.

SMS Templates

SMS Templates are available in the setting menu. Setting up SMS templates is simple and easy, there are several keywords available to draft an SMS message.

Once the Message is Approved, it will automatically execute the message on the relevant event. You also have the option to disable the sending of SMS at any time.

Customer / Supplier SMS Number

There is an option to record the SMS mobile number for the customer or supplier.

Sending SMS

SMS on the “Add” event will be sent automatically when the relevant transaction is recorded.
For the reminder SMS, you will note there is an option on the top right of the listing, this will send the reminder SMS to selected records.

SMS Packages

Please contact the Fast Accounts support team to add an SMS package to your account.


In the Settings menu, you will find SMS logs that provide all the processed SMS details.

For this feature please contact the Fast Accounts Support team.