Transaction Types in Fast Accounts

Every time you add a transaction in Fast Accounts, it creates an entry in the financial data. When reports are printed or exported to excel you will see type of each transaction.

The following type of transactions have been used in the Fast Accounts.

Type Full Name Description
SI Sale Invoice Customer sale invoices posted in Sales section.
SC Sale Credit Credit note posted for a customer account.
SR Sale Receipt The funds received from a customer, it includes both advance and receipts against invoices.
SCP Sale Credit Payment In case you have made a payment to a customer for sale credit note.
SCOP Sale Credit Offset This is when Sale Credit and Sale invoice has been offset.
VI Vendor Invoice Supplier Bills recorded under Expenses section will be covered by this type.
VC Vendor Credit When you post a supplier credit note.
VP Vendor Payment These are payments made to Suppliers, it includes both advance and bill payments.
VCR Vendor Credit Receipt In case you have received money from Supplier for a supplier credit note.
VCOP Vendor Credit Offset When a supplier bill has been offset against a supplier credit.
JR JR In case you post a journal from the settings menu. Both journal debit and journal credit are covered in this.
TRI Transfer In This is when fund are transferred between bank account or cash account ledgers.
TRO Transfer Out This represent funds transferred out from cash or bank ledgers.
EP Expense Payments These are transaction which are recoded as bank payment which are non-supplier payment.

This is also used when you have made payment of Withholding Income Tax to Federal Board of Revenue (FBR Pakistan)

IR Income Receipts These are bank receipts which are posted under Bank Receipts
OS Opening Stock When opening stock has been added to a product.