Two copies of Sales Receipts and Bill Payments

We have now introduced a feature to allow print of two copies of sale receipts side by side on the same page.

1. How to enable two copies print for Sale Receipts

  1. Go to Settings Menu
  2. Select Sales Receipts

This will open Receipts Settings Menu

Once on the Receipts Settings screen

  1. Select Settings from Left Menu
  2. Check “2 Copies Print”
  3. Press Save & Close

To print the sale receipts go to Sales -> Receipts and from Action Menu select Print

This will print sales receipt two copies side by side on the same page. This is very useful where file copy is required for the print given to customer.

2. Bill Payments 2 copies print

Go to settings, select bill payments. On the Bill Payment Settings, in the left menu select Settings and choose 2 Print Copies and save and close.